It’s about answers:


  • Replies…
  • Responses…
  • Reactions…
  • Statements of fact…
  • Expressions of feelings.

All reflect customer or target group perceptions, but getting beyond the surface and digging out the underlying answers is the true art of the moderator.

Clients say...

Judi also has the unique ability to step away from the specifics of the research and address the larger business issues that we ultimately need to address, drawing helpful parallels to other business experiences.


Specific Services Include:

  • Research design and review
  • Moderating (in person and online)
    • Focus Groups
    • Dyads/Triads
    • In-depth Interviews
    • In-depth Phone Interviews
    • Ethnographies
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Project Setup and Management
    • Screener design and creation
    • Facility handling (setup, rental and recruiting)
    • Discussion Guide Development

Judi works with corporate clients directly, as well as with consulting firms, research firms and advertising agencies. Her facilitation skills and insightful approach allow her clients to really listen to their customers outside the usual limitations of the business world. Many of her clients come back again and again, and she is proud of those long-term relationships.

Judi speaks about part of her philosophy:

“It is very difficult for clients to step away from internal business issues and see their products and services from the consumer’s point of view. My clients also rarely represent their own target group, which makes it all the more important for them to witness and hear the voice of their customers and prospects.”