It’s about answers:


  • Replies…
  • Responses…
  • Reactions…
  • Statements of fact…
  • Expressions of feelings.

All reflect customer or target group perceptions, but getting beyond the surface and digging out the underlying answers is the true art of the moderator.

Clients say...

Judi has a unique talent for being able to uncover key insights that unlock a brand”s value. She acts as a true problem-solving partner who is able to get consumers to talk about things that matter most to strengthening brands.


Judi Lapinsohn & Associates is a versatile, highly effective, solutions-oriented market research partner, working with both consumer and B2B clients.


Judi has been in the business of helping clients conduct qualitative research for over 20 years. With a background in psychology, marketing, sales, and communications, Judi started a research firm to help clients identify and understand customer’s needs and perceptions to make better informed business decisions.

judi-lapinsohan-and-AssociationJudi’s educational background is in psychology, communications and marketing, and her previous career experience is primarily in technology. Her work is largely focused on projects involving dynamic high-involvement products and services like those in technology, financial services, retail and health care. Judi’s guiding philosophy when it comes to consumer decision making is that Perception is Reality. She is able to provide unique insight into how an identified target group thinks and feels, helping inform decisions critical to a client’s success. Specifically, Judi has amassed an impeccable reputation in the consulting world, acting as a key thought partner as well as researcher. And the fact that she’s a bit of a pop-culture junkie allows her to easily relate and communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds.

So who are Judi’s Associates?

When you hire Judi Lapinsohn & Associates, Judi is your primary contact, moderator, report writer and project manager, but she doesn’t work alone. Her “Associates” are people and companies who help to get projects started, research facilities being the most important. Because recruiting is especially critical, Judi has developed relationships with research facilities across the country and internationally, companies that understand Judi’s requirements and the needs of each client. Other help includes notetakers and support staff, videographers, concept copywriters and more on a project-by-project basis. Each associate’s expertise allows Judi to focus on what she does best – delivering in-depth, meaningful learning and feedback for her clients.

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